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Marvin Weisbord & Sandra Janoff:
Don't Just Do Something, Stand There

Don't Just Do Something, Stand There; book cover (Click to enlarge)Most people think meetings are all too often a waste of time. But Marvin Weisbord and Sandra Janoff say that's only because of the way most meetings are set up and run. In Don't Just Do Something, Stand There they offer ten principles that will allow you to get more done in meetings by doing less.
The key is knowing what you can and can't control. You can't control people's motives, behavior, or attitudes. That's one area where most meeting leaders »do something« that actually does nothing. But you can control the conditions under which people interact, and you can control your own reactions.
Based on over thirty years of running meetings for all kinds of organizations all over the world, Weisbord and Janoff show exactly how to establish a meeting structure that will give everyone a sense of common vision and purpose, make productive use of dissension, and encourage people to take responsibility rather than passively waiting to be told what to do. And they offer advice for making sure your own emotions don't get in the way for knowing when to »just stand there« rather than intervene inappropriately or unproductively.
This book shows you how to improve your own skills while changing the world one meeting at a time.
»Janoff and Weisbord taught us to have the kind of meetings we've always dreamt of! We have learnt about our capacity to address the really big tasks with all the right resources. And with inspiration and respect!« (Josephine Rydberg-Dumont, Managing Director, IKEA Sweden)
This book is written everybody who manages meetings and who whishes them to be more meaningful and productive; to conduct meetings that matter.

• Weisbord, Marvin & Janoff, Sandra: Don't Just Do Something, Stand There, Berret-Koehler Publishers 2007. 192 pages. Price: 117 SEK plus taxes and postage. Order by mail to info@andolin.com.

Marvin Weisbord and Sandra Janoff:
Future Search

Future Search by Marvin Weisbord and Sandra JanoffOUT OF STOCK Future Search explores a highly successful new way for enabling diverse people with a stake in an organization or community to plan their own future. This event brings a »whole system« into the room to explore participants' past, present, and desired future as a back-drop to action planning. In a future search, people seek common ground rather than resolve conflicts; focus on the future rather than solve old problems; generate broad commitment to a common goal; identify creative strategies; and take responsibility for action. This practical guide offers principles, techniques, and examples for running successful future search conferences.

• Weisbord, Marvin & Janoff, Sandra: Future Search, Berret-Koehler 1995. Price: OUT OF STOCK


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