Eva Widegren

Eva Widegren (click to enlarge)Eva is an Organization Development Consultant and a member of the Board of Directors of A&L AB since the spring of 2003.

Eva is a registered nurse and has a long and diverse career, working in several business sectors. They inlcude the regional health care system of Sweden, the National Prisons and Probation Administration. She has served as a nurse, teacher, trainer, manager and also, for several years, as an internal organization development consultant.

In 1997, Eva established her own Organization Development Consulting company - Widegren Development Partner. At this writing, her areas of work are focused on personal development, team development, management and leadership training, workplace- and organizational development. Eva bring to her consulting assignments her vast understanding of the role of communication in change processes and her expertise as a certified trainer in NVC - Nonviolent Communication.

Eva has worked successsfully with all levels of organizations and client systems such as senior level staff, employee groups and individuals. She is also experienced in working with private corporations as well as with public and not-for profit organizations and NGO's.

Through her long experience of engaging with people in really tough situations such as when life is about to end, Eva has gained access to and developed a strong empathic ability. In an integrated way she has been able to combine her empathy with observation and logical clarification and analysis, which creates the fundament for results AND learning. This builds confidence and serves as a platform for long term collaboration.

Eva can be reached on eva@andolin.com.

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