Drusilla Copeland

Drusilla CopelandDrusilla Copeland is an organizational development consultant. A behavioral scientist with special interest in the impact that organizational culture has on the transformation process and organizational learning. She currently works with a public transit authority helping them achieve their transformation goals. She is also a partner with A&L Partners. The collaboration with A&L Partners helps her to continue developing another important objective in her career and that is organizational development in cultures other than the United States. Drusilla has had opportunities to study organizations and their cultural influences in Scandinavia and Canada.

She began working as an internal consultant and trainer with groups within organizations in 1982. During her career she has worked in the public and private sector. Drusilla 's experiences bridge multiple industries: technology, healthcare services, manufacturing and transportation.

Drusilla enjoys helping organizations; groups and individuals to develop themselves through personal discovery, self-awareness and involvement.

She has also completed research in the area of ethics and social responsibility among organizational development professionals. The research found that organizational development professionals do not behavior any more responsibly than their management counterparts when confronted with an ethical dilemma.

Contact Drusilla at drusilla@andolin.com.

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