Anna Tienhaara



Anna Tienhaara

Anna Tienhaara is studying to be a psychologist at the University of Jyvaskyla in Finland. The studies are focused on work and organization psychology and she has gained more knowledge in the area by taking personnel, work and organizations courses at the University of Stockholm in Sweden. The internship at A&L Partners AB is a part of her traineeship which is included in the licensed psychologist examination.

Anna is writing her thesis about organization consulting and concentrates on the analysis of the consultant's versatile role in the consulting situation. The focus is to analyse the ambivalent identity of the consultant, among other participants. The consultant is an authority in the group but some times the consultant needs to act as having equal rights as the other participants. Continuous balancing between these roles, the authority and equality, is demanding and the consultant has to be alert and sensitive while handling clients' unique needs.

Diversity and intercultural issues are very important to Anna. Parallel with her psychology studies, she is studying pedagogy and speech communication; where her greatest interest is in intercultural communication.

Anna is participating in the A&L Partners AB network of new consultants, who are trying to create an identity for themselves and a role as professional organizational consultants.

A Coordinator for Breakpoint

Anna began her employment at A&L Partners AB in February 2005. She works part-time with the project Breakpoint. Breakpoint is a development project led by A&L Partners and Peace Quest International. The aim of the Breakpoint project is to make a contribution to the diversity work through cooperation across borders and sectors in the Swedish society, for example children/youth/school, working life and elderly care. The Breakpoint project brings concrete ways to handle the issue of diversity by supporting people to develop their understanding of being an outsider and its consequences. The Breakpoint conferences makes it possible for people to handle their outsider»ness« in the meeting with people and organizations in society and together with them find new and constructive ways of acting.

The Breakpoint conferences are based on the Future Search methodology, which is a democratic and appropriate method for people to make a difference in their own systems. Anna opens her commitment and work with Breakpoint by going to India to attend a Managing a Future Search Conference training Workshop lead by Marvin Wiesbord and Sandra Janoff.

The Breakpoint Project is supported by a number of organizations which have formed a Development Partnership. Anna is coordinating the work in the project and will apply for recourses for the project and to continue the Development Partnership. Together with the Partnership Anna will create conditions for the framework conferences that will be implemented during the year.

» Read more on Breakpoint's website.

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