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Office space for rent in Central Stockholm

Drottninggatan 55 – it can't be more central in Stockholm. You can rent office space from us.

No vacancies at the moment

Please contact info@andolin.com if interested in future possibilities.

Detail from one of the rooms (Click to enlarge)Ever since the company was established in 1991 we have had our main office at Drottninggatan 55 in the very heart of Stockholm. And there has been no reason to move so far.

For more than five years now A&L Partners have been owning the first hand contract of a very cool and representative office space in downtown Stockholm. It is located in between two of the City's most famous shopping malls, Åhlens and PUB. It is only one block from the main subway hub, T-Centralen, two blocks from the Arlanda Express train station and three blocks from the Central Railway Station and Bus Terminal. The entrance is from a pedestrian walk and everything in Stockholm City is possible to reach within walking distance or by an inexpensive cab ride.

The total office space is around 360 square meters (which corresponds to 3.900 square feet). It contains 11 office rooms of different sizes, conference room, private consultation room and very nice and functional common areas. A&L Partners only uses parts of this space so we sublet a few rooms to other small businesses with whom we believe that we can enjoy sharing office space and who appreciates the cool location, the freshness and representative facilities and all the possibilities that comes with it.

Here are a few exterior and interior pictures to give you an idea of what the office looks like. What we know with absolute certainty and which is verified by our clients, customers and tenant companies is that no matter how good the pictures are, they will not do justice to the impression you get when you enter into this office. However we hope you will get some impression that is worth while.

Drottninggatan 55 (Click to enlarge) Drottninggatan 55 (Click to enlarge)
Drottninggatan 55 (Click to enlarge) Drottninggatan 55 (Click to enlarge)
Drottninggatan 55 (Click to enlarge) Drottninggatan 55 (Click to enlarge)
Drottninggatan 55 (Click to enlarge)
Drottninggatan 55 (Click to enlarge)
Drottninggatan 55 (Click to enlarge)
How the subletting works

A business rents a room or maybe two. There are a total of 11 rooms of between 7 and 25 square meters (75-270 sq. feet).

Since the proportion of office space and common area are around 50/50, you would calculate that you rent double the size of the actual room size. Good to think like that when you consider the price.

The company who rents a room decides how many people they like to have in each room and as a principle one rents without furniture. However sometimes we can help with extra furniture. The price of each room includes access to the conference room as well as to the private consultation room and all the other common areas free of charge within reasonable limits.

Konferensrum (Click to enlarge)The Conference Room is 25 square meters (270 sq. ft.) rectangular facing the inner garden. It can take up to 15 people if one uses the existing table. If one moves that table out of the room it will easily host 25 people sitting in a circle without a table. The conference room has a modern roof-mounted projector and a wireless internet network accessible with a password.

The Conference room can be used by all tenants »within reasonable limits« and is booked in advance.

Samtalsrum (Click to enlarge)There is also access to a private consultation room intended for two or three people. It must be booked in advance just like the conference room. At this writing there is usually good availability to the two meeting rooms.

Here's what's also included:

  • Fast internet access through fiber cable which means that the access is as fast upstream as downstream.
  • Each tenant has access to router/firewall of their own.
  • Wireless and Ethernet in the meeting rooms.
  • Coffee, tea, carbonated water and fruit. This also intended for your business guests within reasonable limits.
  • Access to kitchen with refrigerator, freezer, micro wave, coffee-machine with espresso, cappuccino, hot chcolate and other choices, water machine with and without carbonated water, quite a lot of nice china, glasses and other necessities.
  • Two rest rooms of which one is equipped with a shower.
  • Cleaning of the entire space once a week and an extra mid week freshening-up of kitchen and rest rooms. Everything is fresh and bright. The entire office was renovated from floor to ceiling less than five years ago.
  • Nameplate at the street, in the stair-well, outside the office door and inside the office space.
  • Option to use - at a small at-cost rate - our machines such as copier with sorter and stapler, fast b/w duplex letter size laser writer, fast duplex tabloid high quality laser printer, and fax machine.
  • Electricity is included.
  • Swedish house taxes.
  • Certain furniture if we so agree. However standard is that rooms are rented without any furniture.
  • Option to use our basement storage room.
  • The whole space is equipped with burglar alarm connected to a security company.
  • All tenants have signed an agreement of secrecy and discretion.
  • Period of notice: As agreed and commonly 3-6 month. Our contract as first hand tenant is three years at a time.
Other stuff of interest

In case our facilities doesn't match a particular need as for example you need to gather more than 25 people, there is always the possibility to hire a larger conference room in the Conference House AB in the same house and with the same address, just across the nice inner garden. They have small break-out group rooms as well as larger rooms for up to 60-70 people. Very handy! We use that option on a regular basis especially for the certification program of the Four Rooms of Change.

Drottninggatan 55 (Click to enlarge)This inner garden is quite spacious and might be used for different purposes like meetings, break-outs, lunches, parties etc, especially in the warmer period of the year, May through September.

At present the following businesses are subletting in this facility

A&L Partners Consulting AB

A&L Partners 55:an AB

Fyrarummaren® AB

» fyrarummaren.se

BaS International AB

The professional travel agency specialized in travels eastbound to Russia, Mongolia, China and more as well as the Transsibirian railroad.

» www.basinternational.nu

Code of Competence

» http://codeofcompetence.se


» www.evviva.se


» www.medlingscentrum.se

Monator AB

» www.monator.se

Nobicon Nordic AB

» www.nobicon.se

Psykologföretaget Stockholm AB

» www.psykologforetaget.se

SGOG Svensk Förening för Obstetrik och Gynekologi

» www.sfog.se

Strategihuset AB

» www.strategihuset.se

Stiftelsen Förändringens fyra rum

Wave Executive AB

» www.waveexecutive.se

Wilson Utveckling AB

» wilsonutveckling.se


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