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LCI – Life Contentment Index

The Life Contentment Index, LCI, was created by Claes Janssen, Ph. D. in collaboration with A&L AB (Inc.). Its purpose is to give individuals, work teams or groups a perspective on how content and satisfied they are with different aspects of life, how well they relate to the contentment or discomfort they experience and what kind of action they might want to take to cope.

LCI gives people good help in scrutinizing the state of life contentment and to get in touch with their so called drivers as well as different aspects of self-confidence and self-esteem and how these relates to each other.

To deal with the tools requires assistance and supervision to give best results. Members of the Four Rooms of Change User's Forum have exclusive access to the opportunity of getting trained and certified. Søren Holm is also certified.

For those of you who are familiar with the basic Four Rooms of Change tool the Personal dialectics with the Outsider Scale we are happy to mention that the LCI will work as an excellent value-adder when used together with the Outsider Scale.

Authorized to train and certify users in the use of this tool and all of the other Four Room Tools are the originator Claes Janssen, Bengt Lindstrom and Eva Widegren of A&L AB. You can reach us at:


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