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About the Change House and why you should not use it

Why use a poor copy when you could have the original? It seems particularily mind-boggling since the copy has no reliable data, is hazardous and can easily become detrimental to both individuals and organizations.

Legal stuff & trade marks

International leadership institutes continue spreading look-alikes and plagiarisms.

A&L Partners and its subsidiaries and consultants have been in the business of Organizational Development and Change Management every day for more than 25 years.

The Four Rooms of Change theory was developed during a 12-year research project at Stockholm University, Sweden. It started in 1964 and the dissertation was approved in 1975. In 1976 Claes Janssen was awarded an associate professorship – a docent's chair – for his rigorous and groundbreaking research, which included several important discoveries, one of which was a new personality variable never described before and the Four Rooms of Change itself. It turned out that these two findings were strongly linked together in a way that later on proved to be very helpful to all kinds of social systems in society, not least in business life.

It is embarrassing and painful to continue keep receiving reports of public spreading of plagiarisms of the theory. As late as September 2017, seemingly well-reputed and respected leadership institutes and even universities are delivering look-alikes and plagiarisms of the Four Rooms of Change theory to its customers.

We must warn that some of these look-alikes are known to have embedded problems that significantly deviates from Janssen's research and long-term proven experience from all around the world.

Not only do they infringe the immaterial rights of Claes Janssen, they are also severely infringing on the related registered trademarks which are the properties of Claes Janssen's closest collaborators.

Teachers, consultants, trainers, institutes, universities and others – please start using the original!

Not only can you be prosecuted for infringing upon the trademarks – by delivering unverified data and easy-to-present so called knowledge instead of the original, it is highly likely that you may cause your customers and clients more harm than good.

At present, Ashridge Institute, a UK based leadership institute stands out as the one we often hear about from our clients, telling us that they keep spreading the Four Rooms of Change look-alikes.

It is time to stop this, Ashridge.

Brand and registered trademarks

All rights to use the concepts, terms and trade marks in conjunction with the Four Rooms of Change®, such as Fyrarummaren®, Förändringens fyra rum®, Four Rooms of Change in the Classroom™, The Four Rooms of Change®, The Organizational Barometer®™ and The Four Room Apartment™ as well as other trade marks in the Four Rooms of Change series are held by A&L Partners AB in Sweden by means of a long term collaboration agreement with the originator Claes Janssen.

This collaboration started in 1993 and is ongoing.

Trademark protection is currently active in many regions of the world such as in Sweden, Finland (Muutoksen Neljä Huonetta®), all countries within the EU, North America, China, Singapore, Australia, New Zeeland and others. Work is currently and ongoing to protect it in more countries and regions.

Texts about the Four Rooms of Change as well as all of the test instruments and other tools in the series which are or have been developed by Claes Janssen and A&L Partners are subject to national and international laws and regulations about immaterial rights. They are thereby protected against violation and may not be copied or in any other way be reproduced or published in books or on the Internet. Such material may only be used with written permission of the holders of those rights, A&L Partners and Claes Janssen.

Certified users who have obtained authorization by A&L Partners as well as holders of corporate, country or regional licenses are not bound by the restrictions mentioned above. Their rights and obligations are regulated in detail in each specific User Contract. A list of all certified users will soon be available online. Questions about trademarks and rights as well as about certified users may be forwarded by way of email to info@fourrooms.com.

About The Change House and The House of Change

Ever since the mid 1990's a poor copy of the Four Rooms of Change has been spread over the world under names such as The Change House, The House of Change and The Leadership House. They are exact copies in the sense that they use the same names of the four psychological conditions. Those are Contentment, Self-censorship and Denial, Confusion and Chaos and Renewal and Inspiration. Obviously it is illegal to plagiarize a scientifically published theory in this way, especially without giving honor/credit to the originator. Furthermore, when you read the explanations to the rooms of the Change House they are quite different than Claes Janssen's own, which in itself originates from his ground-breaking and internationally recognized research from the 60's and 70's.


Due to the embedded power of the Four Rooms of Change and the processes it might catalyze with individuals and social systems A&L together with Claes Janssen provides certification programs to enhance the quality delivered to end customer. Authorized Certification programs are presently conducted in Sweden, Finland, Croatia and Australia. We are also looking for partners from other countries and regions of the world. The basic analytical instruments have so far been translated to Finnish, Danish, Norwegian, Russian, German, French, Italian, Arabic, Vietnamese, Chinese and Japanese.

Ongoing R & D

The effort of developing and enhancing the Four Rooms of Change continues even though it was invented more than 40 years ago. Requests for new applications and system approaches are increasing in Sweden as well as in other parts of the world. Examples of recent projects are:

  • Classroom applications for all school levels
  • The Four Rooms of Change and team sports
  • The Four Rooms of Change in Families
  • The silence of journalists - The Four Rooms of Change and Media
  • The Four Rooms of Change and the treatment of patients with pain
  • The Four Rooms of Change and Lean

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