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About the Change House and why you should not use it

Why use a copy when you could have the original?

Legal stuff & trade marks

The Four Rooms of Change was created by Claes Janssen, Ph.D. and Associate Professor as one of the results of a ground-breaking research project at Stockholm University led by Janssen. The research started in 1964 and ended formally in 1975 when Janssen’s thesis Personal dialectics: On Self-censorship, Outsider Experiences and Integration was first published by Liber Publishers. Continuous research, development, conceptualization and commercial use have been going on ever since and have spread globally.

A number of books have been published by Janssen over the years – the most well known being The Four Rooms of Change – a Practical Everyday Psychology first published by W&W in 1996. It is now published in English together with The Four Rooms of Change Part II – Fifteen Years of More Experience summarizing the last two decades of experience and learnings.

All rights to use the concepts, terms and trade marks in conjunction with the Four Rooms of Change®, such as Fyrarummaren®, Förändringens fyra rum®, The Children’s Four Rooms™, The Four Rooms of Change®, The Organizational Barometer®™ and The Four Room Apartment™ as well as other trade marks in the Four Rooms of Change series are held by A&L Partners AB in Sweden by means of a long term collaboration agreement with the originator Claes Janssen. This collaboration started in 1993.

Trade mark protection is currently active in many/most regions of the world such as in Sweden, Finland (Muutoksen Neljä Huonetta®), in all countries in Europe, North America, China, Singapore and Australia. Work is currently and ongoing to protect it in more countries and regions.

Texts about the Four Rooms of Change as well as all of the test instruments and other tools in the series which are or have been developed by Claes Janssen and A&L Partners are subject to national and international laws and regulations about immaterial rights. They are thereby protected against violation and may not be copied or in any other way be reproduced or published in books or on the Internet. Such material may only be used with written permission of the holders of those rights, A&L Partners and Claes Janssen.

Certified users who have obtained authorization by A&L Partners as well as holders of corporate, country or regional license are not bound by the restrictions mentioned above. Their rights and obligations are regulated in detail in each specific user contract.

A list of all certified users will soon be available on the Internet.

Questions about trade marks and rights as well as about certified users may be forwarded by way of email to info@fourrooms.com.

The Change House

Ever since the mid 1990's a copy of the Four Rooms of Change has been spread over the world under the name of the Change House. It is an exact copy in the sense that it uses the same names of the four psychological rooms. Those are Contentment, Denial, Confusion/Chaos and Renewal.

Obviously it is illegal to plagiarize a scientifically published theory in this way, especially without giving honor/credit to the originator. Furthermore, when you read the explanations to the rooms of the Change House they are quite different than Claes Janssen's own, which in itself originates from his ground-breaking and internationally recognized research from the 60's and 70's.

Ashridge develops by using the Four Rooms of Change instead of the Change House

One of the world's leading management institutes, Ashridge, just outside of London, have since the late 90's used the Change House as an important model in many of their courses, programs and consultations.

When they during 2003 found out that there were so much more to the Four Rooms of Change and that it was really an appreciated scientific theory with lots and lots of empirical data, Ashridge decided to contact us to start up a productive collaboration leading to the start of a certification process for several of their faculty members and associated consultants.

Ashridge is also, in close collaboration with A&L Partners and Claes Janssen, developing an e-learning process that they are offering their customers to introduce them into the Four Rooms of Change Theory. This will be a unique application of The Four Rooms of Change and it is not based on the so called tools, the questionnaires.

Using the Four Rooms of Change Theory and tools as they are intended surely broadens and deepens the understanding of change both on an individual and an organizational level.


Due to the embedded power of the Four Rooms of Change and the processes it might catalyze with individuals and social systems A&L together with Claes Janssen provides certification programs to enhance the quality delivered to end customer.

Certification workshops are presently conducted in Sweden, Great Britain and The United States. We are also looking for partners in other countries and regions of the world.

The tools have so far been translated to English, Russian and Norwegian and we have recently had inquiries from China, Nepal, Canada and Australia.

Ongoing R & D

The effort of developing and enhancing the Four Rooms of Change continues even though it was invented more than 30 years ago. Requests for new applications and system approaches are increasing in Sweden as well as in other parts of the world. Examples of present projects are:

  • The Four Rooms of Change and children 7-10 years of age - class room applications
  • The Four Rooms of Change and team sports
  • The Four Rooms of Change in Families
  • The silence of journalists - The Four Rooms of Change and Media
  • The Four Rooms of Change and the treatment of patients with pain

Other »Change Houses«

There are also a company and a website by the name of the Change House to be found on the Internet. We have no comments, except to say they are not certified users of the Four Rooms of Change Theory and associated tools, nor are they endorsed by or authorized by A&L Partners and Claes Janssen in anyway; however we wish them good luck in their endeavors as long as they are not plagiarizing the Four Rooms of Change.

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